Practical Advice for job seekers

CV advice and preparation
With many years in the recruitment industry and HR environments, we understand exactly what employers / recruiters are looking for.  Wood Consulting will help you tweak your CV so that you get your skills and experience across to employers in the most effective and convincing manner possible.

Interview preparation – in particular Behavioural Event Interviewing
For many candidates, the interview process can be an intimidating one.  Or perhaps they feel comfortable during interview but are continually missing out on jobs that they feel they should be landing.  We give advice about what interviewers are likely to be looking for, for particular roles, how to answer questions (in particular, Behavioural Event Interview questions) and how to act in order to maximise credibility.  This information is coupled with interview exercises and coaching.  We believe there is no substitute for actual interview practice and immediate feedback, but if you want some tips on doing well at interview, click here.

Career Guidance

Help in finding meaningful work and planning a career change
For those who are experiencing dissatisfaction with their current work and are considering a transition to a new career, we will give you exercises to better understand your own personal style, as well as where your personal strengths lie. We don’t believe that people have one perfect job or career, but when people find work that is a strong match to their motivations, strongest abilities and personality, they experience hugely increased job satisfaction.

Creative Block
Wood Consulting specialises in helping those in creative professions who are experiencing creative block.  We will discuss your issues with creative block and help you to build an understanding of the causes.  Our tailored exercises are designed to rebuild your creativity and remove inhibitions to the creative process.  We also have a number of assessments designed to better understand the reasons for your creative block.