Psychometric Test Administration and Interpretation

We have expertise and accreditation in all of the major psychometric tests available, whether they are personality and motivation type questionnaires, cognitive ability tests or knowledge tests.  With expertise in the psychometric underpinnings of tests, we are also able to assess the credibility and usefulness of various psychometric tools out in the market.

Job Analysis and Competency Definition

The first step in any selection decision is to understand the key competencies critical for high performance in the role. Too often this step is missed or completed half-heartedly.  Wood Consulting conducts Job Analysis to the level of detail required by organisations, drawing from such methods as job observation, critical incident analysis, interviewing of managers, surveying of key staff and using research from key industry bodies.  If you don’t know exactly what sort of person you are looking for, you are unlikely to find them.


We give advice on how to conduct the most effective and objective interview techniques.  From Behavioural Event Interviewing to more unconventional techniques, we are able to provide materials, training and advice in this area.

Interview Filming and Analysis

Wood Consulting will set up filming of interviews and analyse the responses of candidates.  This information can then be used to focus in on areas of further investigation, perhaps at a second interview or through reference and probity checks.  These specialist services tend to be used for selection in high stakes roles.