Inform. Decide. Improve.

In existence since 2005, Wood Consulting: People Metrics provides services that create positive, measurable outcomes.  Perceiving a need in the market for substantiated return on investment, we apply evidence-based methods to help organisations accomplish the great goals they aspire to.  From state-of-the-art selection methods through to organisational development and business analytics, Wood Consulting has a key aim – to improve the performance of organisations.

At Wood Consulting, we also help individuals to reach their maximum level of performance and ability in the arena of work.  Although working in organisations can sometimes be challenging, we believe that when an organisation has the right people, they are properly guided, and the organisation is effectively run, it is ultimately rewarding for all parties involved.

Joshua Wood

Joshua gained experience in the finance, science, retail and health sectors before focusing on organisational consulting and HR solutions to organisational issues. Because of his science background, he is driven to use evidence-based assessment approaches that have been proven to work in real world settings and provide a return on investment for organisations. He is a qualified Organisational Psychologist and strongly believes in applying the field’s best practice to select the people most likely to excel and create the most effective organisational structures and processes.

List of Clients
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Sustainability and Environment
  • Mt Eliza Hospital
  • Cornerstone
  • Test Grid
  • Talent2
  • Granor Rubber and Engineering
  • Gough Recruitment
Subcontract and Indirect
  • St Georges Bank
  • ANZ